Journey of str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor

The Story Of An Amateur Cricketer And The Idea Of Cricket Bat Sensor

“Stupidity inspires, brave gets it done. That’s the only way to change the game!”  – Gagan Daga

“Take up an endurance sport, and grow with it. Believe me, you won’t regret it!” – Rahul Nagar

Co-founders – str8bat


str8bat cricket bat sensor is all about – Instant, Visual & Actionable Insights. str8bat is one of those innovative brands that made advanced sports technology accessible to every sports lover with a motive to facilitate an advanced level of sports training. str8bat has started with cricket as the first sport in this endeavor.


Cricket is not just a game, it is an amalgamation of skill and technique that opens the scope for ever-evolving cricket technologies. str8bat cricket bat sensor is one of the latest additions that makes the overall cricket skill learning process more scientific & fun.


Do you know that a slight shift in bat lift angle can be the difference between getting caught at long-on or having the ball safely sail through the boundary line?


Readers will be amazed to know that, as per one of the many case studies of players improving their game using str8bat, a 4-degree shift in the bat-lift angle of an IPL player improved his bat speed by 21% and impact speed by 28%.


The whole experience of cricket batting can become better by adapting the latest technological applications like str8bat cricket bat sensors.


str8bat’s cricket bat sensor is the first revolutionary consumer product of the Indian market which was launched at a pocket-friendly price and made professional technology accessible for every cricket enthusiast.


str8bat believes in empowering every player to play better. To achieve this purpose, str8bat strives to evolve to a ubiquitous, multi-sport platform. At str8bat we believe in delivering instant insights that can aspire players to learn and engage and hence play better.

str8bat Sports Tech Solutions always aims for making sports-centric technological advancements accessible to amateur and professional sportspersons. For an overall pragmatic learning experience, str8bat is driven by the mission of delivering AI-infused sports solutions that make coaching and learning more scientific and playing more engaging.

  • Technological advancement in sports equipment
  • Easy accessibility of solutions to budding and professional sports persons
  • Delivering more cost-effective sports technological solutions
  • Creating an ecosystem of three-way approach consisting of coach, sportsmen with instant AI insights.

“We fall in love with sports because it gives us an opportunity to play and we play because we have the potential to play better”

– Gagan Daga & Rahul Nagar
Co-founders -str8bat



str8bat is the brainchild of co-founders Gagan Daga and Rahul Nagar. Feedback is the foremost important aspect of any learning process. Gagan Daga often quotes Mr Peter Drucker, “what you can’t measure you cannot improve.” So as a scientific mind, he sensed the void between technological advancements in cricket and their accessibility to budding and professional batters.


Be it bat lift angle, bat speed, timing index or a complete 360 degrees view of each shot one plays, with str8bat cricket bat sensor, every cricket batting analytics will be in your reach. And, of course, that will eradicate the barrier in terms of self-improvement of cricket shots and upliftment of batting skill for the batters. The idea of a cricket bat sensor brings a paradigm shift in coaching and cricket practice.


……And the idea of cricket bat sensor was well accepted


In 2018, str8bat launched their revolutionary cricket bat sensor technology in the market, and soon, the Rajasthan Royals, an IPL team, and Cricket Australia became our esteemed customers. For a long time, the Rajasthan Royals have shown a keen interest in sports technologies. To keep their team’s practice sessions ahead and above concurrent market practices, they wholeheartedly adapted str8bat technology and infused a new strength to practice sessions.


Soon more than 2000 budding and professional cricketers made str8bat cricket bat sensor their buddy, and the beauty of our AI system helped them to deliver the best of their cricket shots.

str8bat achieved a significant milestone when renowned cricketer and former Indian cricket team coach Greg Chappell showed confidence and invested in it. It is worth mentioning that it’s a privilege to have Harmanpreet Kaur, India women T20 captain as the brand ambassador of str8bat.


Gone are the days when you will need 36 expensive cameras to track down your batting. Now with str8bat, a complete 360 degree 3D visualization of your batting is possible with a single cricket bat sensor. By giving you data to play better cricket shots, str8bat adds wings to your dream and gives you an edge over your competition.

With the use of str8bat cricket bat sensor, cricket enthusiasts can practice cricket shots and share their performance with their coach. This game-changing move by str8bat brings technology to the doorstep of every cricket enthusiast who wish to up-skill their game.

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Our innovative developments in the areas of 360 degrees 3D rendering make us stand apart from the crowd.

The ease of application, pocket-friendly price and better AI experience win the race for str8bat cricket bat sensor.

It’s not the bat, it’s the player who creates history. And with str8bat creating history is easier than ever!


Gagan Daga

Co-founder and CEO
Aspiring Astrophysicist.

Being an INSEAD alumnus, Gagan holds more than 17 years of experience in product management & the development of the technology industry. The idea of str8bat first struck Gagan during his INSEAD days.

Rahul Nagar

Co-founder and COO
The Endurance Guy!

With more than 2 decades of experience in the technology industry, Rahul is a strong proponent of technology usage in sports. Endurance athlete and alumni leader of The George Washington University.