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Explore how the str8bat cricket app’s cricket wagon wheel insights help average batters and make helps to upscale their batting skills.

Hours of cricket drilling, sweat buckets, and coach’s grilling – most of the aspiring cricketers face all this to improve their batting technique. But only a few can succeed. 

Do you know WHY? 


Yes, by using smart AI tools, each one of us can improve our batting skills to perfection. 

Let’s learn how Intense cricket batting practice and wise use of cricket bat sensor insights can result in outstanding batting inning.

Smart AI Cricket Tools like str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor and str8bat Cricket App

Smart AI Tools like cricket bat sensor and their cloud-based app solutions are scientifically designed using IoT-based technology. 

These gadgets record every movement of the bat that batter makes and showcase them through their App just like the str8bat cricket bat sensor and the str8bat cricket app!

The Cricket Bat Sensor App has smart features that provide instant visual insights. These AI insights highlight various batting parameters of the batter’s batting technique.

As we are well versed with half of the subject matter of this blog, so let’s move to another part which is Cricket Wagon Wheel. In this part, we will discuss the evaluation of the cricket bat sensors, and how a batter can implement a str8bat Cricket App’s wagon wheel insights for his game improvement.

str8bat cricket bat sensor app’s cricket wagon wheel insights

Before that, let’s understand the wagon wheel better.

What is a Cricket Wagon Wheel?

Cricket Wagon Wheel
Cricket Wagon Wheel

The wagon wheel is a graphical representation of the cricket field where spokes represent the trajectories of the scoring balls hit by a batsman. Broadcasters use various colors to depict the hits of batters like white for singles, purple for four, and red for sixers. Moreover, Cricket Wagon Wheel is such a dynamic tool that anyone can use it to analyze a batter’s hitting trajectory match-wise as well as career-wise.

How the Spokes of the ‘Wheel’ Created

From the batter’s position, the lines are projected towards the boundaries as the shots are played from two regions: front and back. Therefore, the lines are set around (possibly strictly) at 45° angles. 

“Front-foot” strokes such as on-and-off drives, cover drives, or drives over mid-wicket are often played via the forward two sectors and are hit on the front foot (stepping forward into the shot). On the other hand, back-foot shots (such as the cut, draw, and hook shots) are performed by taking a step back towards the wicketkeeper and often guiding the ball squarely.

However, this is not a perfect breakdown of stroke play (setting 45 degrees) because it does not count for miss-hits, edges, late drives, or other “unconventional” strokes. Still, it is adequate to demonstrate how a specific batter or team has performed over an inning.

What is the History of the Cricket Scoring System?

The game of cricket has a long history of transformation. For instance, traditionally, the batter’s scores were not recorded in the scorebooks. However, with time the umpires developed a continuous scoring pattern in the nineteenth century. JG Jackschon established a separate annotation to monitor each batter beside the score sheet in the 1890s.

What is the Legacy of Fergie’s Wagon Wheel?

As time passed, the need for more intense information felt. Therefore, cricket wagon wheels came into existence.

In the initial days, when Sir Bill Ferguson, also known lovingly as Fergie, created the wagon wheel, it was drawn neatly with pen and pencil, straight lines on the paper in a circle. Fergie manually drew by observing every single ball faced by the Batsman. 

He said, “Batsman used to observe the fingers of the bowler to see what kind of delivery it would be and prepare themselves. But for me, let him release the ball, and then I will decide where to hit the ball and how.” Many captains tried to bribe Fergie for the wheel to strategize their fielding, but he refused to do so.

How the Technology in Cricket Impacted Cricket Wagon Wheel?

With the introduction of technology in cricket, wagon wheels were drawn using computers and made accessible to everyone. Various broadcasters have started using them during their cricket broadcasts. The audience altogether got a new perspective to analyze the game. 

As a result, the general audience started to understand the game better. This helped the game of cricket to establish itself among the masses. As time changed, circles and pencil lines transformed into colorful graphical representations.

Nowadays, the wagon wheel is shown in a 3D diagram. The ball’s trajectory is traced within seconds and displayed on the screen to the viewers. The height, length, and direction at which the ball is hit are shown graphically in a 3-dimensional view.  

The Relevance of Cricket Wagon Wheel for Bowling Side

The batter’s wagon wheel helps a bowler understand in which direction the batter is striking the ball. Therefore, the opponent team implements these insights in making a better field placement strategy. 

The Cricket Wagon wheel will not only aids in better field placement but also gives a chance to analyze the flaws of batters’ technique. As a result, bowlers use wagon wheel insights to the best of their advantage.

Let’s understand this with an example. 

Shubham plays for some cricket club. His team is playing against Arav’s cricket club. Shubham is at the striking end, whereas Arav is bowling. Looking at Shubham’s previous game’s wagon wheel, Arav knows that Shubham finds difficulty in playing leg-side shots. Therefore, to restrict Shubham from making runs, Arav puts an extra fielder at offside. This leaves less space for Shubham to play. 

Therefore, to secure more runs for his team, either Shubham will take risks by playing long offside shots or try to take singles at the leg side. However, in both cases, Shubham will face difficulty in scoring runs. Moreover, he will not be able to play his natural game. Therefore chances of him getting out will become brighter.

The Relevance of Cricket Wagon Wheel to Batting Side 

As we all know, a good batter should have an excellent flexible wrist to hit multi-directional cricket shots. A batter who enjoys easy hitting offside and leg side shots throws field placement strategy challenges to the opponent teams. 

Batters who can hit a variety of cricket shots are considered valuable to their teams. Such players can easily hit singles or long cricket shots for four and sixers. They beautifully drive the ball between the fielder’s gap.

Improve batting shots with str8bat cricket bat sensor app’s cricket wagon wheel insights

Explore: How Batters can Improve their Batting with str8bat Cricket App’s Insights.

Str8bat cricket App provides more than eight types of batting insights. 3D representation of the Wagon Wheel is one of the crucial parameters that the cricket sensor App covers. As a batter, you can analyze the wagon wheel insights of your practice or session-wise details on str8bat’s cricket bat sensor app through any smart mobile. 

Observe this video, and see how the str8bat cricket app’s cricket wagon wheel features make learning more engaging for cricketers. 

How Budding Players Make Use of str8bat Cricket App

As we know, the str8bat cricket app provides users with wagon wheel insights. So, 

aspiring cricketers can analyze these insights to know their weaker cricket shot areas. Like in our example, Shubham has difficulty hitting leg-side shots. Therefore, he can easily overcome his weakness by practicing more leg-side hits.  

Shubham can analyze 3D ball rendering data insights of his str8bat cricket app. Here he will find insights into each ball’s line and length. This data will help Shubham to understand which particular ball he missed but could be hit legside.

str8bat Cricket App’s batting parameter insights like bat angle, impact speed, bat speed, and interpretation of ball line and length insights can help Shubham to improve his batting flaws.

Several aspiring batters can upscale their batting skills by analyzing wagon wheel insights in reference to their other batting parameters. They will not only get wrist flexibility but they will get expertise in hitting various cricket shots.

Singing off

There is no denying that some batters have God-gifted batting skills like Sachin Tendulkar. But few cricketers can achieve the same level of expertise with regular practice. A wise batter should always practice the correct technique, as the wrong skill can be harmful and lead to wrong muscle memory. So become a smart batter and use the latest technological tools like cricket bat sensors Apps to take your batting skills to the next level.