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The conventional face of Cricket Coaching has being altered by the use of Wearable technologies. Since many young players are opting for online cricket coaching nowadays, wearable technologies like cricket bat sensors are a boon for both players and coaches. These motion sensor devices are extremely accurate and can enhance the impact of online cricket coaching.

However, it is incorrect to say that these wearable technologies are just beneficial for online coaching.

Even During cricket coaching, several cricket academies incorporate technologies such as cricket bat sensors, wearable sleeves, etc.

Their contribution to improving the training and learning experience is clearly visible nowadays.

Wearable Technology – A Boon For Cricket Coaching 

Beyond fitness and agility, wearable sleeves or cricket bat sensor technology can improve a cricketer’s performance. Both players and coaches can benefit from the use of wearable motion sensors to improve core batting techniques.

Wearable tech like smart cricket bat sensors provide useful insights on your cricket performance metrics. By working on the analytics offered by these devices, a player can build his/her muscle memory.

Muscle memory is a crucial element in cricket. To become consistent hitters, even elite cricketers focus on it. 

Power hitting is a technique that helps a batter focus on hitting sixes by repetitively smashing balls from a particular length. Here, wearable smart sensors can accurately track your  progress by measuring the quality of your shots across time.

There are several types of smart cricket bat technologies that can either be attached to the base of the handle, behind the bat’s face or on the top of the handle. 

One of these technologies is the str8bat sensor. This cricket bat sensor captures real-time data points each time a batter hits a shot. This sensor also crunches the numbers to show you a 360-degree 3D model of each shot you play. With str8bat players can even check recordings of their sessions on a mobile phone. Viewing your vital stats like bat speed, impact speed, angle of the bat, and quality of the shot can provide you with close insights into your batting style and thus help you improve your game.

Cricket Coaching – How can the data from wearable technologies be used in cricket training?

Wearable technology can make cricket coaching more effective. By providing deep scientific insights about the batting metrics of a student cricketer,  coaches can now:

  • Maintain dashboards of their academy players
  • Manage multiple player profiles and
  • Analyze their batting insights based on stats and 3D recordings.

All this is only possible through cricket bat sensors. Such real-time visual insights and reports are the best way to draw focus on the weak batting areas of a student player so he can work towards his improvement.  

Smart cricket bat technologies provide detailed Insights into your batting

  • You can see a graphical view of your shots through a wagon wheel for each Session. 
  • You can improve your batting efficiency by studying the analytics of stance, type of shots played, consistency of those shots, body positioning, and much more.

These graphical representations of reports make data easier to understand, train and draw focus on the lacunae in batting. All this is only possible if you have a cricket bat sensor like str8bat

Usage of Wearable Technologies During Online Cricket Coaching

cricket coaching with wearable technology

When it comes to Online Cricket Coaching, Players can share their data and videos with coaches on the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere.  The in-depth batting analysis and insights from these wearable technologies about a player’s back lift angle, sweet spot metrics, downswing, the timing of the shot, wagon wheel, etc. can help coaches understand the techniques of their players better. 

Coaches can share feedback as text, audio, or video drills which players can refer to in order to improve their batting techniques. At the same time, coaches can monitor the progress graphs of student players to chart the efficacy of training.

During the Covid19 lockdown, several cricket coaches and players opted for online cricket coaching models. During that tenure, technologies like cricket bat sensors and apps bridged the gap between coaching and learning.

Even today, when the entire world is digitalized, such technologies can perform miracles since they will act as your virtual coach who is available to you at all times!

In-person/Offline cricket coaching  – What’s the Use of Wearable Technologies There?

Nothing can beat in-person training sessions where players get better exposure to practical learning cricket in the presence of a coach. As we know, wearable tech like cricket bat sensors provides real-time, highly detailed insights into players’ training and game sessions. Coaches can use insights from these technologies to tailor a player’s batting techniques effectively. 

Take a look at how Apurva Desai uses wearable technology to help you improve your Bat Lift Angle.

With the application of cricket bat sensors, players can learn faster under coaches and with real-time data.

Coaches can replay videos for players to draw a close analysis of a player’s batting technique.  Here, the chances of missing any insightful findings during long sessions will be negligible. 

Benefits of wearable technologies in Cricket Coaching and Learning

  • Instant Insights and reports allow coaches to examine a player’s game in detail.       
  • Coaches can monitor progress using data and graphs. 
  • Consistency in batting technique, performance trends, and areas for improvement are all identifiable. 
  • Coaches can connect effectively with players by visually showing players their strengths and weaknesses. This will help develop confidence and draw attention to growth areas.     
  • Coaches can manage and monitor multiple player accounts with a coach account.·       
  • Coaches can keep their coaching staff, players and parents informed about their progress using sharing tools on the mobile app and web Dashboard.·       
  • No need to worry about safety and loss of the players’ data as wearable technology like cricket bat sensor apps provides unlimited cloud storage.

Views of cricket coaches about the use of wearable technologies 

In an interview with ESPN Greg Chappell stated how earlier there was no data available for batters, except for some camera recordings. And now, how the data captured on these devices help the players to develop a baseline. As per Chappell, wearable technologies allow coaches to have a more specific conversation with batter on how to improve their game on the basis of insightful evidence.

RX Murali, the Bengaluru-based coach says that despite initial apprehension, he now sees the benefits of cricket bat sensor technologies. As per him, these technologies help to build a good coach-player relationship and the transfer of knowledge becomes seamless.

With the use of a cricket bat sensor, a coach can highlight the scientific part and its impact on the batting technique better. When a player plays a power hit, a coach can highlight the contributors of power-hitting shots. Same way, if a player hits a loose shot, the coach can draw attention to the loophole in technique. 

The final word that leaves no doubt in store

For a populous country like India, accessing state-of-the-art coaching is a luxury. In such a scenario, sports technology can come as a savior. But bridging the gap between technology and online coaching is tricky, as nothing can outclass a personal, interactive personal trainer, otherwise. 

Today, players can freely access and tap into the techniques from cricket archives available on YouTube. But it can not replace the benefit that a player can get under the expert guidance of a coach. The same can be true about wearable technologies. If you are a budding cricketer who aims to have a career in cricket then cricket coaching along with the support of wearable technology like the str8bat sensor can do wonders.

Know more about wearable batting technologies and how the str8bat smart sensor can help you to avail full benefits of cricket coaching!


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