Once you unbox your str8bat, please put the str8bat device on charge. This will immediately activate the str8bat device. Please charge the str8bat device fully.

It is important to charge the device fully before first use (takes 2-2.5hrs). Remove the charger and charging cable from the flap of the box. Extend the charger and insert the sensor in the right direction(charger pins and device pins to make contact). Insert the charging cable into the Micro USB port and use your laptop/power bank/mobile charger head to charge your device. You should notice the Yellow charging LED turn on. Please note, the charging LED is small, circular and present at the top corner.
If you find any problem in charging your str8bat device then these are the possible way you can get it sorted on your own. However, if the problem still exists please feel free to contact us!
Once the device is sufficiently charged, remove it from the charger and swing the device in your hand to wake it up. If the device is already placed on the bat, play a shadow shot (your favorite shot) to wake the device.
Use the installation guide/stencil provided in the box and place it around the neck of the bat. Stick the bat sticker below the edge of the template making sure that it is straight and oriented as shown in the How To Video (LINK). The edge of the sticker which has the notch, should be towards the bottom of the bat. Place the device (once fully charged) on the sticker in the correct direction, i.e, the str8bat logo on the str8bat device should be away from the handle of the bat, then press it firmly on all sides.

Please note, registration of the device is mandatory ONLY if you own the device.

Switch on Bluetooth and Location on your phone. Open str8bat Cricket app > SYNC > Select your Device ID > Register Device.

Click on SYNC in the str8bat Cricket App. Click on the device ID you wish to pair and it will get paired to your phone.

Once the device is powered on (Green LED blinking), the device has to be calibrated. Go to the playing area and double tap your bat on the ground (watch this How To Video – LINK). You will see a Blue LED blinking. When you see the Blue LED, move the bat around in all directions. Once done correctly, the Green LED reappears. This is Magnetic Calibration. Please note, Magnetic Calibration has to be done for the first session at each new location.

Then, place the bat on the crease such that the handle is towards the legside for Right-hand Batsman and offside for Left-hand Batsman (refer to this How To Video – LINK) and wait for the Green LED to blink slower. Note that the direction of the bat is the same regardless of Right or Left-hand bat. Then, double tap the device (not too gentle, not too hard 🙂 ) with a gap of one second between the two taps. You will notice the Green LED flicker for a few seconds and then become stable. This process is Pitch Calibration and has to be done before the start of every session.

If you have already paired the device with your mobile, you can also click on SYNC > Calibrate to do the Pitch Calibration.

Once you are done with your session, click on SYNC in your str8bat Cricket app. Choose an appropriate session type, name it as you please and click on SAVE. Do not close or minimize the app during transfer, it should be completed in no time!

Before you start your session, click on SYNC and pair your device if you haven’t already. Name your session, choose the session type and click on PLAY LIVE. You are good to go!

Please note, the PLAY LIVE option will be available only if there are zero shots stored in the sensor. If there are shots stored already, transfer those shots before attempting to PLAY LIVE.

Green Blink – Device ON
Green Slow Blink – Device ready for pitch calibration
Green Rapid Blink – Pitch calibration in progress
Green Steady – Device ready to play
Red Steady – Device malfunction
Red Slow Blink – Device LOW Battery
Blue Slow Blink – Device Memory Full – Please transfer the shots
Blue Rapid Blink – Device Magnetic Calibration in progress

Click on STATS in the str8bat Cricket app, and you will be able to see your sessions. Click on any session, and you will be able to look at the summary stats of that session. Clicking on any parameter will give you graphical trends (including past performance) for that metric.

Click on REPLAY to view every shot in 3D. Use the next and previous buttons to view all the shots.

You can custom filter your shots based on various metrics using Pro Level Analytics which can be accessed by clicking the filter icon present at the bottom right of STATS page.

Select any combination of the desired filters to custom filter your shots and look at trends. (Eg: High speed shots vs low speed shots, Offside vs Legside shots, Session type – Nets vs Bowling Machine vs Match)

Click on the 3 dots at the top of the screen in the 3D view. You can save any shot that you want to compare by clicking on save. Then, click on Compare Shots. Then, select any 2 shots (using the shot number or the saved shots) and compare your shots. (Eg: in form vs out of form, drills vs nets). You can also click on Compare Shots in the Shot List.
Sometimes, a few noises may be captured during a session (eg: hitting the pad hard in frustration – happens to the best of us, shadow practicing in a different direction, clearing the balls on the pitch using the bat). Most of these would be taken care of by the smart algorithms running in the background. In case some noises are still captured, you can delete them so that they do not affect the averages of the session. To delete a shot, click on the 3 dots in the 3D view and delete the shot.
You can perform diagnostics by choosing Menu > Device Diagnostics. In case any of the components have failed, please contact support immediately. To contact str8bat, click on Menu > Support and get in touch with us. We don’t bite!
You can access coaching tips from the elite in the Tips For You section of the menu.
Head to the menu > Your Account > Upgrade > select/buy plan of your choice.
You can find the validity of your plan in the Your Account section of the menu.

Go to menu > Your str8bat Sensor > Update Now.

You will not see the Update Now button if your device is already up to date.

Head over to SOCIAL > Shared with others and share sessions from here by entering recipients’ email ID.
Head over to SOCIAL > Shared with me and view the sessions of other players that were shared with you.
The host of insights provided include Sweetspot index, Timing index, Swing Speed, Impact Speed, Bat Lift Angle, 3D rendering of shots, Wagon Wheel, Hits and Misses, grounded or aerial shots, etc.
Check if bluetooth and location on your phone are turned on. If the issue persists, restart the app.
Check if the device is on (The device goes into sleep after a few minutes of inactivity). Restart scan and if it is still not being recognised, restart the app.
Retry transfer by pressing the SYNC button. If the remaining shots do not show up, restart the app and repeat the transfer process.

It takes 2 hours to charge your str8bat cricket bat sensor.

There is a spring action in the charger (your charger is stretchable). Pull it and align it properly with your sensor’s charging terminals.

Your str8bat sensor comes with an active playtime of 5 hours 30 mins on full charge.

There is a green charging LED on your str8bat device, the LED will be on while charging once the LED good

It is not advisable to charge your str8bat over night because it could affect your sensor performance. Please plug out the charging port after your sensor has finished charging, which should take about two hours.

Swing the device, the green led will be switched on, that’s the indication of device turning on.

Even if you do not have your phone, your str8bat device is capable of capturing the shots and storing upto 600 shots in one go. Once you have your phone handy, click on sync tab on the str8bat app and transfer your shots. 

Registration of your str8bat device is a one time process, you do not need to register the device every time you play.

If the device is kept idle for 6 minutes, then it will automatically turn off/ go to sleep.

The best way to remove your str8bat device from the bat is to peel it off from the bottom centre.
Not from the top, sides, or bottom corner but ONLY remove the device from the Bottom Centre (i.e., by holding the notches at the bottom of your device).

 The device has to be placed on the sticker/velcro (that comes with the packaging), which  should be stuck behind the back of your bat.

The str8bat package contains a stencil/template with measurement to place the sticker(velcro) on the bat, then place the device with the correct direction written on the sensor.

The device cannot undergo the pitch calibration process not allowing you to play your game. 

The shots captured and transferred will be inverted if your bat is not kept in the right orientation

There are 2 ways to tdo pitch calibration: manual calibration – when the bat is kept flat on the ground in the correct orientation, wait for the led to blink slow, tap on the device twice, led will flicker fast and there will be a constant LED, the pitch calibration process is complete

The device and the phone should be in the Bluetooth range.

Not every time the magnetic calibration is required. But pitch calibration is mandatory.

If you calibrate in the pitch direction correctly then there will a constant green led on the device.That means calibration is done.

Yes, when you share the data on WhatsApp it will send a link to the person whom you are sharing to with the link to download the app.

Sensor is not waterproof, it is splash proof where you should avoid water on the charging terminals, we suggest you to take care of the sensor just like how you take care of your bat during the rains

Make sure all the bats have the sticker and you can remove the sensor from one bat and put it on another bat and continue playing, make sure the sensor is on and it is calibrated in the right direction. 

Give a hard swing on the device so that it gets switched on or if the battery is low please connect it to charger and wait for some time so that the device gets charged and swing the device and switch it on.

You can buy the subscription from the app, go to ‘your account’ from the menu and click on upgrade button and select either monthly, quarterly or yearly pack and make the payment through the playstore or the appstore. 

Subscription is your access to  premium str8bat app features where you get the access to all the data points and the metrics which str8bat measures.  If one does not have the subscription they cannot view all the past performances they can only view the latest session played. More details on subscription here. 

It is based on the performance of the user where we calculate the score based on the metrics which includes the number of hit shots played, timing index, sweet spot index and bat speed.

#3 is your rank in the particular metrics for the above example it is you are the top 3rd user for the hits section with 6867 hit shots 

No, your name will be in top with your particular rank, once you click on the same it will take you to the rank where you are and you can scroll further.