Learn to Hit Helicopter Shots -The Signature Shot of MS Dhoni

Learn to hit fine Helicopter Shots with the help of a cricket bat sensor 

The name that rebounds in the ears on hearing the word ‘Helicopter Shots’ is Mahe!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the man who made it his signature shot. Is it MS Dhoni who invented the helicopter shot? To know more about the first helicopter shot in cricket, or probably one should say the Dhoni helicopter shot. We will also share the steps to learn Helicopter shots,  keep reading. 

Unknown truth about the helicopter shots – str8bat

Mohammed Azharuddin, the former Indian cricket team captain, made the briskest century in 1996 against South Africa in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Azhar played the renowned helicopter shot against Klusener’s bowling for the first time in the world in this cricket match. The helicopter shot invented by Indians was like a ‘failure, which became a stepping stone for success as that game of 1996 brought failure to India in the hands of South Africa.

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar demonstrated skillfulness in batting against England in an ODI in 2002 and hit a similar shot.

Did MS Dhoni, the helicopter shot king, invent the shot by himself?

It’s a learned truth that one needs a ‘guru’ to accomplish something great. And the seeker or the student learns from the teacher and implements it. The story behind the signature shot of MS Dhoni has a similar tinge. The man behind the success of MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot, the Late Mr. Santosh Lal, a close friend of his, was also a former Ranji player.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has repeatedly credited his friend Santosh Lal for helping him ace the helicopter shot. Undoubtedly not all can recreate the shot well. MS Dhoni stands out from the crowd for making the helicopter shot well-known.

In cricket, helicopter shots became renowned even in the minds of people who do not follow cricket. Dhoni hit the best helicopter shot for the first time in 2004 with utmost perfection and made it his signature shot.

The helicopter shot from then came to be known as the MS dhoni shot.

Image Courtesy: Indiatvnews

(Picture of Santosh Lal playing the shot along with MS Dhoni. It should seem like he is teaching it)

What is a helicopter shot in cricket?

The speculatory illustration of the MS Dhoni helicopter shot is easy, but understanding and mastering it takes exertion. Maintaining the ideal timing, adequate speed, and strength, the batsman should hit the ball with a wristy flick.

How to conquer a helicopter shot?

Here is a thorough step-by-step technique (in slow motion) to ace the helicopter shot to handle a yorker-length delivery or a fuller.

Batting stance for a helicopter shot

Step 1: Moving the back foot towards the wickets from the normal standing.

Step 2: Twist open the front foot to take in the ball

Step 3: Wait for the perfect moment, and with the lower hand holding the bat, give the right amount of strength and hit the ball. The power should come from the bottom hand.

Step 4: Immediately after hitting the ball, see that the bat comes down instantly as the ball is targeted at the wickets.

And yay! It is a boundary! Enjoy listening to the commentator say, “And that is a wonderful Dhoni ka shot and the ball is sailing over the ropes.”

All this is fine, but are you still confused about why it is called the helicopter shot? Did you ever watch the helicopter shot king play the shot?

On observation, you will find the bat circling over the wrists just like the blades of a helicopter after the shot. Watch the dhoni helicopter shot gif to understand more clearly.

A gif showing dhoni playing the helicopter shot can be shown here

When to play the Mahendra Singh Dhoni helicopter shot?

This helicopter shot by MS Dhoni should be recreated for specific delivery and only when needed. It is to make quick runs in tight overs by bowlers, either fast or slow. A clean sweep boundary is like a cakewalk with this MS Dhoni helicopter shot in IPL, where more runs are to be scored in fewer balls. The MSD helicopter shot is the conclusive weapon to tackle yorker-length deliveries from the bowlers. After the extensive use of MS Dhoni’s favorite shot in IPL, it is known as the IPL helicopter shot!

Also, MS Dhoni, last helicopter shot was played by him in the IPL.

Who mastered the helicopter shot by MS Dhoni?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was not the first to invent the shot but mastered the shot to perfection, which was first witnessed in the 2011 ICC World Cup against Sri Lanka at Wankhede! Before Dhoni, Azharuddin and Sachin Tendulkar almost played a comparable helicopter shot. And after the helicopter shot by MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya and Rashid Khan recreated the short to near perfection, just like Mahe! The other unexpected superstar who has shown curiosity to learn the signature shot is none other than our dearest late Sushanth Singh Rajput for the personality he played as Dhoni, in the film, M. S. Dhoni.

The signature shot of Mahe, the helicopter shot, is not manageable to learn but with the right guidance and dedication, mastering the shot is possible. Make the impossible possible by going through our step-by-step technique depicted above. – How to master the helicopter shot?

How can Cricket Bat Sensor help you Master Helicopter Shots?

Raghav is a budding batter, who is using the str8bat cricket bat sensor to improve his batting technique. He has shared his str8bat cricket app’s metrics with us. 

Today, we will quote Raghav’s str8bat insight to show how this smart batting sensor can help budding batters gain expertise in hitting a helicopter shot.

Here are two screenshots of Raghav’s batting insights. Raghav is learning Helicopter shots here. 

  • In image 1, Raghav’s impact and bat speed were in the 50-60 KMPH range. Therefore, the quality of his shot is bad. He was unable to hit the helicopter shot here. Rather the quality of his shots was also bad.

  • In image 2, Raghav’s impact and bat speed are in the 70-80 KMPH range. This time Raghav was able to hit a helicopter shot. But, it was an average aerial shot. We can see his bat’s movement also which is visible in the video insights.

If Raghav wants to hit a good quality helicopter shot, his impact and bat speed should be between 100 to 110 KMPH range. We know the str8bat sensor’s insights will help Raghav to excel in hitting a perfect helicopter shot!

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