How to use the Cricket Bat sensor to Improve your Game?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” – Peter Drucker

The cricket bat sensor is the outcome of such a belief system only, which opens the window of personalized improvement to each batter with in-depth visual insights.

When you hold the bat in your hands, take your batting position while fixing your eyes in the directions of the bowler. You know that this ball is for you, and it is you who has the skill of hitting this shot. 

If you are also one of such batters, then my friend, you are one of those passionate world-class batters who arose to the limits of creating history.

Like the founders of str8bat Gagan Daga & Rahul Nagar once said  “ We fall in love with sports because it gives us an opportunity to play and we play because we have the potential to play better”.

There are people who have the zeal to perform better. You can be a gully cricketer, who is in the team of their society. An IT professional, who is playing in their office team or a professional cricketer who represents the team in various formats.

A cricket bat sensor can benefit all these cricket enthusiasts from its  360 degrees 3D rendering and analytics.


Practice and Cricket Bat Sensor Insights hold the key

Practice is the core of acquiring excellence. In cricket, batters depend on various methods of batting practice sessions like shadow practice, wall bounce drill, power-hitting drill, etc. These methods help the batter get a hold of the timing and grip of the cricket shots.

But a good batting shot is beyond rigorous physical training. It is the technique that gives the upper edge over raw talent.

You got it right; it’s not just about practice, rather correct practising of your weak areas.

But how can you know where you are lagging in our game? Although coaches are great helping hands in evaluating your performance. What if you can measure and evaluate your progress yourself and know your weak points with the help of wearable technology– like a “str8bat cricket bat sensor”.

Yes! This blog covers everything a batter or coach needs to know about a bat sensor and how this sports buddy can help batters improve their game and make them invaluable to their teams.

Current scenario and the Future of sports tech


In the current scenario, sports persons or fitness enthusiasts depend on the usage of wearable technologies that give their fitness and training sessions an added advantage.

There is no second thought that wearable technologies like fitness bands, watches, cricket bat sensors have become indispensable to sports.

Some sports wearable technology help fitness freaks to keep a tab on their fitness parameters like calorie count or step monitor. In contrast, gadgets like bat sensors help improve the techniques and batting parameters with actionable insights.

This latest technological advancement of a bat sensor has taken the game of cricket to a new level. Not just professional players and coaches, even gully cricketers can master their game skills with the help of this gadget.

So in starting the whole journey of unveiling the relevance and various parameter support that a bat sensor can give, here we start with basics.


What is a cricket bat sensor?

The cricket bat sensor is one of the latest technological advancements. It helps budding and professional batters to work on their batting technique and serves the purpose of coaching extension.

However, there are two types of bat sensors – one that is inserted in the bat handle and the second that is stuck upon the bat. Practically both types of sensors serve the same purpose, but sticker based sensors give more unhindered usability.

A bat sensor will be a great coaching tool. It provides real-time feedback, giving budding players, professionals and coaches the roadmap to becoming better.

Based on the current metrics in the App, a player can learn about his strengths and flaws. By working on those weak points and setting up benchmarks, the scope for improvement becomes more than just a theory.

“We can only get better by minimising our mistakes; for that, we have to know our mistakes first!”

Being aware of your batting techniques is the crucial step in your self-improvement cycle. Understanding your strength areas and working on the weaker zones is the assured way to upskill your game.

Features of the Cricket Bat Sensor

cricket bat sensor features

  • Instant & Easy setup
  • Feather Light
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Instant Visual Actionable Insight


Convert Your Regular Bat to a Smart Bat using a Cricket Bat Sensor

convert your regular bat to str8bat with str8bat cricket bat sensor

A bat sensor is a technological bat sticker that works like any other fitness band. Whether doing net practice or facing the bowler on the pitch, bat sensors will activate in the background and keep a record of all batting stats and prepare a profile of the batter. The batter can monitor, analyse, and work on their weaker areas with a bat sensor.

The beauty of this gadget is its simple application. A bat sensor is an easy to apply smart bat sticker that even a gully player can apply on the bat and improve their batting easily.


How does the Cricket Bat Sensor work?

Cricket Bat Sensor - working

This bat sensor will be a great coaching tool. It provides real-time feedback about batters and actionable insights to become better.

This bat sensor works in a loop of improvement.

Record-Share- Analyse-Practice-Excel.

Using the str8bat cricket bat sensor is easy.

Apply the sensor on your bat, activate it and play your shots. The sensor will record all batting data and stats in memory that the batter can then transfer to their smartphone.

With the help of a sensor app, soon batters will get complete batting profiling data highlighting strengths and weaknesses of batting technique like time index, impact speed, and bat backlift angle.

Whether the batter is getting trained under a coach’s guidance or working all alone, this app data will work as a coaching assistant by giving instant visual actionable insights.


What parameters can you measure with a cricket bat sensor to improve your game?

Let’s go through the list of all parameters you can measure with a bat sensor.

Batting parameters you can measure with str8bat sensor


Bat Speed 

Bat speed is how fast a bat travels to strike the ball. In simple words, the more the swing or bat speed, the farther the ball will travel. There is a direct correlation between bat speed and scoring runs. The possibility of getting four or sixer increases with higher bat speed. Bat speed is directly affected by the weight of the bat.

Impact Pitch Map

Impact pitch map or footwork makes the batting skill of the batter more flexible. This parameter supplies information regarding the hitting direction of the ball on the pitch. Batters hit the ball to the forward or front foot direction, back foot or around the crease. The more comfortable the batter is with his footwork, the better his batting shot will be.

The bat sensor provides all necessary information regarding footwork through a given screenshot.

Impact Speed 

An essential parameter for power-hitting is impact speed. The speed at which a batter’s bat impacts the ball is called Impact speed. The impact speed decides how fast the ball will move to its hit direction.

Sweet Spot 

The spot on the bat that produces maximum power is called the sweet spot. The shot hit from this spot feels the best and gives the least vibrations to bat. As the impact point (ball hitting the spot) falls closer to the node point (sweet spot), ball speed will generate a smooth shot closer to zero vibrations to bat.

There is no need to confirm that a bat sensor can help budding batters practice more to get excellence to generate sweet shot drives.

Timing Index

This confirms how well a batter has measured their batting shots. Theoretically, it is the ratio of impact speed to bat speed. The bat sensor provides all data that helps batters make their timing better.

Bat Lift Angle

Bat Lift angle is the widest angle of the bat during the back lift. Bat sensors help players keep track of the consistency of the bat angles.

You will be amazed to know with the support of cricket bat sensor insights one IPL player has improved his bat speed by 21% and impact speed by 28%. And all this was made possible by improving just his backlift angle by 4 degrees.


Wagon Wheel

Also known as batting shot placement, the wagon wheel is a top-view graphic representation of the cricket field. With the wagon wheel, the intended direction of the batter’s every shot is shown by graphical representations. The app provides 3-D visualisation of each hit shot by the batter.

Using a bat sensor you can record, analyse and then improve all these parameters.

Isn’t it amazing?

With the increase in the demand for bat sensors today, there are various types of bat sensors in the market. Each one has its own usability, pros & cons.

Talking about str8bat cricket bat sensor, it added brownie points with its usability that offers the freedom to apply a single bat sensor on more than one bat.

Without further delay, let’s learn how to use this bat sensor.


How to apply str8bat cricket bat sensor on the bat?

  • Step 1: Place the installation guide cum stencil on the neck of the bat.
  • Step 2: Stick the bat sticker below the edge of the stencil. Make sure that the sticker is aligned straight.
  • Step 3: The notched side of the edge of the sticker should be towards the bottom of the bat.
  • Step 4: Place a fully charged device on the sticker in such a position that the str8bat logo on the device should be away from the bat handle.
  • Step 5: Now press the bat sensor firmly and make sure it is fully stuck on the sticker.

For a better understanding, here is a video on how to place the str8bat sensor on your bat .


Benefits of Cricket Bat Sensor

cricket bat sensor benefits

The bat sensors are launched with a motive to equip both players and coaches with insights and knowledge into techniques that help them improve their game. Let’s discover how this bat sensor is helpful for budding players and coaches.


Cricket Bat Sensor- A Digital Mentor for Players

Bat sensors are not less than a personal coach for players. The actionable insights and stats give complete performance analysis of the player and help them work on their shortcomings as a mentor would. The auto-capture videos for each swing and videos from elite and peer players give a better understanding and upgrade 📈the game of budding players in all ways. It also allows players to self-assess their performance and track their progress against the benchmarks set by their coach or themselves.


Cricket bat sensors- A Performance Evaluator to coaches 

A bat sensor is the best and most effective way to evaluate the performance of various players. Coaches can easily manage all players from their academy and assign them relevant drills. The coaches can continuously measure performance, personalise the coaching plans, and set goals.


Final Words

You may be a professional batter or a gully cricketer, playing friendly office matches or international series, but if your batting skills are not effective, or batting technique is not up to speed, then retaining a place in playing XI can become an uphill task.

Apart from this, cricket has more than a 2 billion fan base around the world; this craze encourages selectors to add superior talent to professional teams—resulting in building a lot of pressure on batters. But batters’ correct batting techniques can easily make any budding player a dark horse.

Thanks to this latest wearable technology, Cricket bat sensor. These products define a new paradigm for performance analysis and fan engagement. The bat sensor is one of the latest additions that makes the overall cricket skill learning process more scientific & fun.

Get in on the action now! Get Your Game Buddy Today and Record-Analyze-Improve-Excel in the game of Cricket.



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