IPL 2022 Player List A Close Analysis of the 5 Most Expensive Players From The Auction

“Data plays a crucial role in taking the final call in the IPL Auction.”

“No matter how hot the fire burns, a Protea always survives” – AB Devilliers


Securing their names at the IPL 2022 player list was not easy – except for the chosen ones. If our word ‘chosen one’ strikes you hard, so are the reasons we have.

Like all previous years, this year IPL Auction 2022 leaves no stone unturned in bringing the right talent on the board.

Several cricket arenas were surprised when Ishan Krishan hit the jackpot as the most expensive buy for IPL auction 2022.

In the same way, many people were shattered when Suresh Raina could not make it to the final IPL Player list for 2022.

Do you know what went in their favour? And; What are those brownie points that transformed their dream of being an IPL 2022 player?



Well, this write-up will help you uncover how data plays a vital role in decision making during IPL Auctions this year and in the past.

Franchises brainstorm over rigorous data analysis before selecting players for their dream team. Player’s techniques, past records and stats are examined thoroughly. There is no guarantee that the team will win the bid for the desired player, so they keep a long list of players handy. Aspects such as a batter’s partnership records with other players are also considered while making the long list of contenders.

Let’s move on to understand the performance and use of data analytics in cricket.


Role of Sports Analytics in selecting IPL 2022 Player

There are two types of sports data analytics: on-field and off-field. Players, coaches and teams majorly use On-field analytics to improve players’ and team’ performance. Str8bat is a sports analytic device that provides you with data-backed insights into your shorts and batting style thus helping you improve your game daily.

While an IPL franchise bids for any player, it takes note of both types of analytics. We are sure players’ stats and techniques played an essential role in their selection as IPL Player 2022.

In light of this analysis, let’s consider – 5 of the most expensive bids at the IPL 2022 auction.


Ishan Kishan: IPL 2022 Most Expensive Player

IPL Player 2022- Ishan Kishan


IPL 2022 Player - Ishan Kishan

Close analysis of IPL player 2022 Ishan Kishan’s career till now

It won’t be wrong if we call Ishan Kishan Dhoni’s prodigy. Young wicketkeeper cum left-handed batsman hails from Jharkhand. In 2016, Ishan Kishan led India at the U-19 world cup in Dhaka. Although Ishan Kishan’s performance was not impressive, he led the team to the finals. Later Ishan made his presence felt at Ranji. In the 2018 IPL auction, he got Mumbai Indian’s focus, who added him to the team at 6.2 crores.

During the 2018 IPL, his performance was not consistent. But he scored 62 runs in 21 balls with four consecutive sixes against Kuldeep Yadav of Kolkota Knight Riders. Ishan ended IPL 2018 at a good strike rate close to 150.


Batting Career Summary

Batting career summary of Ishan Kishan


The Batting Technique of Ishan Kishan

Ishan uses back and across trigger movement in his batting technique to get in the line of the ball and get closer to it. When he takes stance, his back foot is in line to the middle stump, and the front foot is in line with the leg stump, which allows him to execute his trigger movement much better. This allows him to play with an improved timing index and helps him strike the ball really hard.

When it comes to facing bouncers, Ishan doesn’t leave them easily. He twists his body in a shivel like motion which helps him infuse power to his shots that end up crossing the fence. While batting, he keeps the head over the ball; this helps him to hit the ball even better. He stays nice and low for spinners and only steps out or shuffles his legs only once the ball is released from the bowler’s hand. This restrains the bowler from adjusting his line and length at the last minute. We have no doubt that Ishan Kishan is deserving of the IPL 2022 most expnsive player title!



Deepak Chahar: IPL 2022 Second Most Expensive Player  from Auction

IPL Player 2022- Deepak Chahar

IPL 2022 Player - Deepak Chahar


Close analysis of IPL player 2022 Deepak Chahar’s career till now

Deepak Chahar is a fast swing bowler. He made his presence first felt in 2010-11 in Hyderabad. He was playing for Rajasthan and had a haul of eight wickets for ten runs. But still, he had a roller coaster ride due to his injuries, which took a toll on his career frequently.

In IPL 2018, Chahar really blossomed under MS Dhoni’s captaincy while playing for Chennai Super Kings. Chahar mastered the art of bowling with the new ball, but this skill did not come to him easily. We will again give the credit to MS Dhoni for this. After all, he gave him the opportunity to bowl three overs of power play.

Chahar steadily kept working on his other skills, covering various facets of his bowling. He proved his worth again in November 2019 against Bangladesh, snatching four out of six wickets with the old, wet ball, also getting a hat trick in the process.


Bowling Career Summary

Bowling Career of Chahar



Technique analysis of Deepak Chahar

Deepak is a seam swing bowler who generally bowls a good length. Being a semi-open bowler, when he bowls, his back foot neither lands parallel to the crease nor falls straight; instead, his back foot lands at almost 45 degrees of angle. This puts less pressure on the upper body to twist, resulting in reasonable arms control. This bowling action helps Deepak swing the ball in both directions as per his will.

Deepak’s loading is also exceptional, which he does by keeping his hand closer to the body. His right hand goes behind his head and gives the ball a natural swing. When Deepak delivers a ball, it travels on-seam, and as a result, it also lands on-seam, which adds further movement to the ball.



Shreyas Iyer: IPL 2022 Third Most Expensive Player from Auction

IPL Player 2022- Shreyas Iyer

IPL 2022 Player - Shreyas Iyer


Close analysis of IPL player 2022 Shreyas Iyer’s career till now

Pravin Amre first spotted right-handed batter Shreyas Iyer in Shivaji Park Gymkhana. Later it was his performance in Ranji that got the attention. With an astonishing strike rate, the fearless stroke play of this young batter drew a comparison with legendary batter Virender Sehwag,

Despite being an uncapped player in the 2015 IPL Auction, Delhi Daredevils grabbed him at a whopping 2.6 crores against a base price of 10 lakhs. Not to forget that Pravin Amre was assisting the coach of Delhi Daredevil by then.

Shreyas did not let his selectors down and earned 439 runs from 14 matches with his fearless power batting play. This performance made him a contender for the emerging player award of the tournament.

Shreyas Performance during IPL season 2016 was doomed, but his performance graph again took an upward trend during 2018 IPL. During this season, his performance was consistent, and he got a chance to lead Delhi Capitals halfway after Gautam Gambir’s exit from the team. This brought Shreyas’s batting and leading qualities into the spotlight.


Batting Career Summary

Shreyas Iyer - Batting career summary
Data Source:- cricbuss.com

Batting technique of Shreyas Iyer

The beauty of Shreyas’s batting is his ability to play classic shots with force. He gets maximum results with less movement.

The one who closely monitors Shreyas’ batting graph can vouch that the young batter has started inventing new securing techniques in the early of his batting innings. Recently, playing fine shots on spinner’s drives attracted our attention. He waits for the ball to take a spin while maintaining his position. While maintaining his still position, Shreyas plays cricket shots on the leg side. In addition, while facing pace bowlers Shreyas looks to place the ball between gaps to score his runs. This technique expresses the comfort and easiness that a batter enjoys over his skills.


Liam Livingstone: IPL 2022 Fourth Most Expensive Player from auction

IPL Player 2022- Liam Livingstone

IPL 2022 Player - Liam Livingstone

Close analysis of IPL player 2022 Liam Livingstone’s career till now

The right-handed British batter has the experience and thrilling T20 performance on his side. Generally, he bats as an opener and is considered one of the destructive batters in his home team, England.

The x-factor of Liam’s batting is his flexibility to make power shots and adjust to the conventional format of running between the wickets.

In 2019, when he was playing for Rajasthan Royals, Liam was given a chance to bat as an opener with Rahane, and his electrifying performance of 44 in 26 balls gave an excellent start to his team.

Liam is a complete package who can field, bowl and bat well. By closely observing his stats, one can understand his experience in T20 format.

Batting Career Summary

Batting career Summary Liam Livingstone


Batting technique of Liam Livingstone

Performance Analysis by Batting Position in IPL
Batting Technique of Liam Livingstone
Source : Howstat.com

When it comes to batting, it is evident that Liam does well as an opener, but he got fewer chances in IPL to showcase his bowling expertise.


Shardul Thakur: IPL 2022 Fifth Most Expensive Player from auction

IPL Player Shradul Thakur

IPL 2022 Player - Shardul Thakur

Close analysis of IPL player 2022 Shradul Thakur’s career till now

Shardul comes from Maharashtra and has put in the hard yards to excel as a cricketer. He is a right-arm medium-fast bowler who can bring extra bounce with sudden seam movement in his bowling. He has added the outswinger to his bowling repertoire, and his ability to maintain seam positions poses a threat to batters.


Bowling Career Summary

Bowling career summary Shardul Thakur

Shardul gave his best in 2017 IPL playing from Rising Pune supergiants, where he snatched three wickets for 19 runs, at an economy rate of 4.75.


A final word on the IPL players 2022

While poring through the facts and figures, we found that each of these players not only maintained their performance x-factor but they also worked on their side skills.

Getting a place in the IPL 2022 player list is one thing but earning your position on the leader’s board is another. Their performances make them deserving contenders for IPL Player 2022 list.

So what’s the take-home message for our readers?

Work on your on-field analytics to make the best use of available resources. There are several types of wearable tech readily available to help you refine your techniques – If you are a batter, work on cricket bat sensor’s analytics, observe other players and put your best foot forward. Remember, hard work never goes in vain.

As Tim Notke once quoted “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”

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