Know your str8bat

Change The Way You Bat With str8bat

Do you know that even minute flaws in your batting technique can affect your overall performance? 
But, with the help of the str8bat cricket bat sensor, you can easily upscale your batting.

This IoT-basedstr8bat cricket bat sensor technology can help you improve your batting scientifically.

So, next time, when you will be on the pitch playing your next best shot- Let your bat do the talking!

Turn Your Regular Bat Into str8bat Today!

Str8bat is an ultralightweight cricket bat technology that can infuse power into any ordinary bat.

Simply attach the str8bat cricket bat sensor to a regular bat and turn it into an AI-powered smart bat.

With the application of this wearable technology, your same old cricket bat will silently start recording your bat movements and you will be amazed at how this smart cricket bat technology will transform your batting learning to an insightful experience!


How Can str8bat Help me Improve my game?

Str8bat cricket bat sensor and app both compliment each other like cricket bat and ball. 

While you apply the sensor on your bat, your app starts recording each shot that you play. 

Playing on the pitch or doing net practice – the instant, visual insights of the str8bat cricket bat sensor and app will provide you with smart data that will help you ace your batting.

Get 360 Degree 3D Replays of Your Cricket Shots using str8bat

str8bat’s 360 -degree 3 D rendering allows you to replay all your cricket shots and see them in a 360 degree 3D view. 

This 360 degree 3D replay feature is such a dynamic approach that works like a mirror. Using this, you get to observe your batting shots from all the angles and analyse your improvement points!

str8bat Cricket App

One App. Unlimited Possibilities.

The str8bat cricket app gives you real time data on the following parameters.

Bat speed, impact speed,360 degree 3D replays, shot comparison, sweetspot percentage, impact pitch map and a lot more!

Your batting practice combined with str8bat app’s real-time data will give you new wings to fly high!



*1 month – When you sign up on the app
  1 month – When you register your sensor

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