All You Should Know About Smart Cricket Bat Sensor

A Smart Cricket Bat Sensor compliments cricket enthusiasts in these lines.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.

When you held your first cricket bat as a child, parents and coaches wanted to train you to the best of their knowledge. Soon a time comes when you put your best foot forward, but still, some lacunae in your technique pulls you behind. 

Or you have a passion for sports; your passion takes you on the pitch. You like to try your hands on batting and have a strong desire to upscale your batting. 

Or you play for your team, represent at various levels, and work on your weaker batting areas. 

If you belong to any of the above categories, then this blog is for you.

A cricket batting sensor is a revolutionary tool, capable of drawing the attention of batters on much desired weaker areas of their batting technique.

Here, we will answer all queries regarding the smart cricket bat sensor, its availability, usage, and price.

How is a smart cricket bat different from any ordinary or simple cricket bat?

An ordinary or simple cricket bat is good for batting purposes only. Whereas a smart cricket bat records all real-time movements of your cricket bat, this provides instant, visual insights regarding the techniques of a batter. It would not be wrong to call a smart cricket bat a cricket batting improvement tool for playing a dual role. Here you can view the specifications of the str8bat cricket bat sensor. 

Which technology supports Smart Cricket Bat Sensor?

The batting sensor is based on IoT technology.

How to convert an ordinary or simple cricket bat to a smart cricket bat?

With the application of a cricket bat sensor, any bat can become a smart bat. You simply need to place a bat sensor on your cricket bat, and you are ready for all 360 degrees 3D rendering analytics and instant visual insights.

How to fix the Bat Sensor on the Bat?

Fixing the sensor on the cricket bat is very easy. We recommend charging the sensor fully before setting it on the cricket bat.

How does the cricket bat sensor work?

The smart bat sensor works on IoT technology. The sensor is placed on the cricket bat’s face. As the batter starts their batting, the sensor starts recording real-time movements of the cricket bat.

You will be surprised that a small tap on the sensor is enough to wake the sensor up.

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How to turn on the bat sensor? – str8bat

Just play a shadow shot, and the str8bat sensor will be fully active to record all real-time batting shots.

How does the cricket bat tracker help in improving the batting technique?

While a batter bats, a smart bat sensor like str8bat records all the real-time movements of the cricket bat. With str8bat you can record up to 300 drives in one go. These stats will reflect analysis of your batting session consisting of a wagon wheel, backlift angel, impact speed, swing speed.

By transferring this recorded data to the str8bat cricket app, users can access full 360 degree 3D rendering insight visuals.

All these metrics hold the key to fine batting techniques. The application will highlight the weak areas of your batting skills.

Several case studies confirm that batters can improve their batting shortcomings by working on visual insights.

What are the metrics that I can analyze with a smart cricket bat sensor?

There are 8 areas on which a batter can work by taking analytical inputs from the str8bat cricket bat sensor.

  1. Wagon Wheel – The Indented direction of the cricket shot around the ground. It is the graphical representation of a cricket ground.
  2. Backlift angle – It is the widest angle of the Bat during the back lift.
  3. Impact Speed –  The speed at which a batter’s bat hits the ball. The more the impact speed, the faster the ball will go in the hit direction.
  4. Bat speed– The speed at which Bat will strike the ball.
  5. Sweet spot – The point on the cricket bat that generates zero vibrations to the Bat. Cricket shot hit from this point drives power shots with zero vibrations to the bat.
  6. Pitch map -The area at which batter has hit the ball – forward, backward toward the crease.
  7. Timing Index – This is the ratio between impact speed to bat speed.
  8. 360 degree 3D rendering– All the shots are represented through 3D rendering.

Can I compare my batting shots on the cricket bat sensor app?

Yes, you can compare your shots and your batting sessions with the str8bat cricket bat sensor. This will help you to understand the level of improvement in your batting shots.

What if my smart cricket bat gets damaged?

Str8bat provides you with a smart cricket bat sensor with two bands and one month of free smart cricket app subscription. If you damage your cricket bat, with the help of an extra band, you can place this smart cricket bat sensor on another bat.

Now your new simple cricket bat will again transform into a smart batting tool.

Will the power sticker for the cricket bat add any weight to my Bat?

Not at all; we know that cricket bat weight plays a significant role while hitting power shots. To keep this in mind, we designed a power bat sticker in an ultra-lightweight, so the batter does not find any imposed burden on their cricket bat.

Can gully cricketers too use smart bat stickers?

Of course!!! Smart bat stickers are designed for everyone. A gully cricketer or a professional one all can draw benefits from the analytics of smart bat sensors.

Gully cricketers can improve their game with this smart cricket bat sensor

We know cricket is played in the nooks and corners of India. Playing for your gully team reflects your love for the sport. Our innovation allows you to improve your game just the way professional players do, but at the comfort of your own pace.

How many types of cricket bat sensors are available in the market?

Majorly there are two types of cricket bat sensors available in the market.

One is inserted into the bat handle, and the second is applied as a smart sensor sticker on the cricket bat.

Why is a smart cricket bat sticker considered a better option than one inserted into the bat handle?

Once the cricket bat gets damaged, the batter will have to buy another sensor. At the same time, this is not required in the case of the str8bat sensor. As str8bat sensor is applied on bat face, and same can be pasted on another bat with the help of an extra band.

What does the term ‘session’ mean in the str8bat smart cricket app?

Session means recording.

Each record transferred data reflects in the smart cricket app as a session.

We advise users to transfer their recordings after each batting practice.  After play or practice sessions, you need to transfer the records to your mobile app. Moreover, sharing does not require any wire; cricket bat sensor supports wireless data transfer to cloud storage app.

Each recording will be saved as a session separately. That you can compare, analyse, share with the coach anytime.

How can coaches use bat sensors in their academies?

Using smart cricket bat sensors in the academy works as an extension to coaching and facilitates coaches.

Batters can use their smart cricket bats and transfer recordings to their apps and then share them with the coach.

Other than this, the coach can let their students use their smart cricket bat, but before giving it to another player, the coach needs to transfer the data to the student’s app. The player can further share it with a coach where the coach will get all visual insights data of his students on a single app.

This will help the coach compare and check his all students’ weak areas minutely.

How many past sessions can we compare with the app?

Smart cricket app is a cloud-based program; thus, there is no limit on saving sessions on the smart bat sensor app.

Where can we buy smart cricket bat sensors?

This revolutionary product is designed to change the way of improving cricket shots. You can order a smart bat sensor from str8bat directly.

Presently, our smart cricket bat sticker is available at special discounts with one month of free str8bat cricket bat sensor app subscription and two extra bands.

This offer is open for a limited time only.

How will cricket bat analytics help batters improve?

After wireless data transfer, you can view your stats in the smart cricket app.

The stats will show average and ball-wise stats of each session like this image.

str8bat cricket sensor gives instant visual insights.

Suppose you are tracking your impact speed metrics; by clicking on impact speed metrics, you will get a data insight that will reflect ball to ball impact speed with swing speed.

You will understand the relationship between your bat swing and impact speed by analyzing these visual insights.

You will be amazed to hear that many batters improved their more than two metrics by working on one parameter. As in giving an example, your impact will automatically improve by improving your swing speed.

One of the renowned IPL players worked on cricket bat analytics using str8bat cricket bat sensor.  He saw an improvement in his impact speed and swing speed by 28% and 21% by enhancing his bat angle by 4 degrees.

This is the power of str8bat cricket bat sensor!

How does cricket bat sensor’s analytics improve shot drives by working on a mere timing index?

While analysing your missing shot stats, you can zero down your mistakes.

By working on these weak areas, you can fill the missing gap.

We had one young player who was all ready to make his national debut. This player was missing many shots. After analysing, he realized that his bat swing rate was less.

Consequently, he was swinging his Bat earlier than the ball hitting his Bat. So by improving his bat swing, he became able to improve his timing index by 28%. 

Not to forget, the str8bat cricket bat sensor analytics helped this budding player by highlighting his shortcomings.

What is the price of a cricket bat sensor?

str8bat cricket bat sensor is available at 2999+taxes with one month of App subscription. You can use code str8bat10 to get an extra 10% off on str8bat.

Thousands of cricket enthusiasts have already claimed their smart sensors at introductory rates. Now, this is the final call to claim your smart sensor at discounted rates.

What are the silent benefits of the cricket bat sensor App?

Other than unlimited cloud storage, you get an opportunity to get batting tips from renowned coaches of the world.

Millions of users share their success stories that are in itself an inspiration.

The final word on smart batting sensors is here for all the readers out there.

You are starting late or already a budding player. It is always advisable to work on your sensitive points.

Technology has been evolving for ages; the smart cricket bat sensor is such a dynamic product that gives the detailed broadcasting experience of batting shots and focuses on improvement areas that can take your batting to more exemplary zones.

Grab your str8bat cricket bat sensor Today!


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