What is a str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor? (Unboxed Edition)

Cricket bat and shot analytics are playing a revolutionary role in the field of cricket coaching. Players of any level can adapt the str8bat cricket bat sensor to make their batting better.

With a smart cricket bat sensor like str8bat and str8bat cricket app, you can improve various aspects of your batting.

Smart motion sensors can do wonders in improving the shot efficiency of a batter.

Insights about back lift angle, training session summary, impact, and bat speed closely analyze the quality of shots played. In addition, the str8bat cricket app also has recorded videos of world-class coaches that can bring changes to the overall batting technique.

During my college days, I was always mesmerized by pre-match practice sessions and dressing-room discussions. I wanted to be a part of that discussion. I always craved for that batting mentor who could guide me with my weaknesses. But in those days, technology was not that advanced. Though now we have technological advancements like smart cricket bat sensors that can play the role of a true mentor.

Before directing readers through the unboxing video and addressing various queries about the cricket bat sticker/sensor. Here is a brief update on the str8bat cricket bat sensor’s analytical methodology.

str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor and it’s Analytical Methodology

The str8bat cricket bat sensor follows the IoT principle.

While a batter is busy hitting shots, the cricket bat sensor keeps on recording real-time data in the background. Later, the batter can transfer this recorded data to the str8bat app available for both Android and iOS.

This app is supported by AI technology that analyzes your batting sessions. As a result, all analytics and summaries are shown in the form of metrics and data.

To know more about these metrics and how they can help you improve your game, read All You Should Know About the Smart Cricket Bat Sensor.

Here is the unboxing video of the str8bat cricket bat sensor.

You may have questions regarding the usage of str8bat cricket bat sensors, so in this section, I am going to address all such queries one by one.

How to register on the str8bat cricket app?

Cricket app registration is just like any other registration. Create a login id with your credentials on the app, and you are on board!

How to sync my cricket bat sensor with the str8bat cricket app?

Follow under given steps:

  1. Go to the Sync menu
  2. Pair up your mobile with a device
  3. Select the session and save it

Remember, do not disturb the transfer process by clicking on the app. However, the transfer will be done within seconds.

How to charge a str8bat cricket bat sensor?

Follow these steps to understand the process better:

  1. Adjust the charging device
  2. Place the str8bat device into it
  3. Join the charger with a USB cable, and your device is ready for charging.

Knock Knock!!! Do not forget to switch on the device.

How to calibrate a str8bat cricket bat sensor for the first time?

To calibrate the bat for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Double tap your bat on the ground > and the blue LED light will start blinking.
  2. Move the bat in all directions, just like a sword > and the green LED light will appear. It is a signal that magnetic calibration is complete. Magnetic calibration is necessary for every first session played at a new location.

How will the cricket bat sensor know which hand batter I am?

While playing the first session, place your bat on the crease such that the handle is towards the legside for Right-hand Batter and offside for the Left-hand batter. Legside and offside handle locations will confirm to the sensor whether you’re a righty or a lefty.

Do I need pitch calibration to activate the sensor?

Before the start of any new session, pitch calibration is necessary. What this video on pitch calibration and you’re all set to go!

What do the different lights depict on the smart cricket bat sensor?

Lights give indications about processes like –

  1. Green Light Blink –              str8bat cricket bat sensor is on
  2. The green light blinks slowly –    the sensor is ready for pitch calibration
  3. Green Rapid Blink –            pitch calibration is in progress
  4. Green light steady-             sensor ready to record
  5. Red Light Steady-               sensor malfunction
  6. Red light slow blink-            charging required
  7. Blue Slow Blink-                  sensor memory is full
  8. Blue Rapid Blink-                magnetic calibration in progress

What is Match Mode in the str8bat cricket app?

There are two types of modes – Match Mode and Practice Mode.

During play, when a batter doesn’t carry the smartphone to the pitch, the batter’s performance data is captured and recorded by the sensor. Later, after the gameplay, the batter seamlessly transfers saved data to the app. This data is saved under Match mode.

What is Practice Mode in the str8bat cricket app?

When a batter can carry a smartphone on the pitch, they like to use the sensor in ‘play live mode’. So their session gets saved under practice session mode.

Where are the sessions stored on the str8bat cricket app?

str8bat cricket mobile app has cloud storage. This feature offers the benefit of unlimited storage.

Can I get a str8bat cricket app on my apple mobile too?

Yes, the str8bat cricket app is available for both – ios and Android users.

Is the str8bat cricket bat sensor ideal for professional or academy players only?

Anyone can use str8bat cricket bat sensor analytics. Our str8bat community has users from various categories. Gully cricketers, budding and professional players – all can use cricket bat sensors and improve the quality of their game.

Not surprisingly, even people who play friendly club or office matches, like to use our insights.

I attend a cricket academy, why do I need a cricket bat sensor?

Cricket coaching with sensor analytics can do wonders together. With cricket bat sensor analytics, you can work on batting parameters better under the guidance of a coach. You will get detailed analytical insight, and your coach will practically guide you to implement them.

Why is the str8bat app membership chargeable with a cricket bat sensor?

The str8bat cricket bat sensor comes with complimentary one-month membership of the str8bat cricket app. After one month, it is chargeable.

It is just like buying a mobile phone, where you pay for mobile as well as telecom services.

str8bat dreams to take sensor analytics to all cricket lovers. So we have made the charge after 1 month of free subscription, very nominal.

Can I share my improvement analytics with str8bat?

Of course, we would love to hear the success story of our users. We at str8bat have a big family of sensor users. From IPL players to gully cricketers, all share their case studies with us. People inspire each other, and who knows, your success story may become an inspiration for someone else.

Hopefully, many of your doubts regarding the usage of the str8bat cricket bat sensor would have been solved. In case you have any unsolved queries, write to us at connect@str8bat.com

We hope to see you take your batting to the next level with str8bat – World’s Best Cricket Bat Sensor!

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