Women cricket: No longer a walkover. Join the movement for equal opportunity in sports

“Women Cricket is No Less Beautiful No Less Powerful – My Cricket shots are no less beautiful no less powerful”– #IDeclare

As the Cricket World Cup for Women is taking place nowadays, ICC took over to Twitter and created a hashtag #IDeclare to support and promote women’s cricket around the globe.

Reason: To make women’s cricket as acceptable and likable as men’s cricket around the globe.

We all have been brought up with the class bifurcations of what belongs to men and what belongs to women. To put it simply- Blue is for men, and pink is for women.

Just like that-

Pick a random Indian man and inquire about his favorite sport- He will most probably answer cricket or football.

Pick a random female, and she’ll almost say tennis!

The rationale is straightforward. Women’s tennis is aired to the same high standards as men’s tennis and on the same networks. The four major slams are held on the same courts for both men and women.

In comparison, consider cricket. Women’s cricket is a footnote in the game. In 1934, the first women’s test was held. There have been so few of them that guys who debuted ten years ago have played more tests than the whole history of female tests!

This proves one single point- Women’s Cricket can take a rise if the board promotes and privileges women’s cricket just like Men’s. And this is exactly what ICC aims at doing.

It’s high time we get this – Cricket is equally interesting, no matter a man plays it or a woman.


Women Cricket – An Inspiration

It’s rightly said when a woman takes a stand to make a difference in society with her work, she does not move out with just her talent and dedication. She also carries along with her the responsibilities of the household and her children. Yet she manages to give her best to her profession and her dreams.

–       Bismah MaroofCaptain Pakistan Team- walked in with her toddler in one hand and the cricket Kit in the other at the ICC World cup 2022. 

The world could not stop applauding for the balance Bismah Maroof tried to maintain between the dedication of her profession and being a mother.

Only a woman has this capability of incredibly balancing the most beautiful phases of her life with excellence.

I am sure she filled every individual’s heart with warmth and precisely every woman’s heart with pride with this brave gesture of hers.

Privileges Given to Female Cricketers Globally


Women cricket - Privileges Given


In the world of cricket, with the rising awareness and different nations understanding the necessity of women getting a few privileges, here are some countries who have taken the initiative of providing the following facilities to their woman cricketers:

– Pakistan has become the latest cricketing nation to implement a parental support policy. Players from the national women’s team can switch to a non-playing role until their maternity leave begins. They will also be promised a contract renewal for the following year if they take up to 12 months of paid maternity leave. Read more about Pakistan’s Cricket board introducing parental support policy for players.

– Female cricketers in Australia have got a raise in wages.- In an effort to continue closing the gender gap, Cricket Australia has launched a new payment scheme for female players.


ICC Women’s World Cup 2022: Indian Women Cricket Team


ICC Women's World Cup 2022 Team

The ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 is currently going on in New Zealand (Dated: March and April 2022). It was initially slated for 6 February to 7 March 2021, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed by a year.

Indian Woman Cricket Team for World Cup 2022 comprises


Indian Women Cricket Team for World Cup 2022- players list

While all the cricketers are special in their own right, here is a special mention for Harmanpreet Kaur, who has set world records with her excellent game of women cricket.

Harmanpreet Kaur  is an all-rounder and is playing as the vice-captain for the Indian women’s cricket team in the 2022 World Cup. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports presented her with the Arjuna Award for Cricket in 2017.

She became the first Indian woman to strike a century in a Women’s Twenty20 International (WT20I) match in November 2018.

During the series against South Africa, Harmanpreet Kaur became the first Indian cricketer, male or female, to participate in 100 international Twenty20 matches in October 2019.

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Some Interesting Facts About Indian Woman Cricketers


– Before Sachin Tendulkar became the first man to score a double century in an ODI, Belinda Clark became the first woman to do so in limited-overs cricket.

– In Women’s Cricket, Jhulan Goswami has the most ODI wickets. She has 207 ODI wickets to her name. She has also become the Second Highest Wicket Taker in ICC Women’s ODI World Cup 2022.

– Mithali Raj is only the second woman in international cricket history to score over 10,000 runs.

– With six ICC World Cup wins (1978, 1982, 1988, 1997, 2005, and 2013), the Australian Women’s Cricket Team is the most successful in the history of the tournament. In comparison, their male counterparts had won five times (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2015).

Betty Wilson of Australia became the first cricketer to achieve a 10-wicket haul and a century in the same test match. In 1958, she became the first female cricketer, while Alan Davidson became the first male cricketer two years later, in 1960.


Challenges ahead of ICC to make #IDeclare a success for women cricket


  • To take women cricket at par with Men’s cricket, ICC must bring parity between salary payouts to women and men cricketers.
  • More women cricket tournaments should be conducted at grassroot, national and international levels. This will help ICC to spread the popularity of women cricket at the base level.
  • Technologies like bowling machines, speed guns, cricket bat sensors, ball spin RPM should be provided at base levels. This will help women cricketers to work better on their batting techniques.

To know about technology in cricket and the most popular trends we have seen in cricket so far read this blog on technology in cricket.

Signing Off

Most of the facts above prove that Women cricketers hold an equal level of talent as compared to their male counterparts. This proves that talent is not gender-biased.

Women’s cricket has gone a long way in recent years, with more women deciding to take cricket as a vocation and more women joining women’s cricket leagues.

Hence, when the game itself shows no partiality, then who are we. Cricket for women is as lovely as cricket for males. In reality, it’s a step forward. It is a game that merits widespread acclaim.

Cricket is a game for everybody irrespective of gender and creed. str8bat’s mission is to empower every cricket fan, regardless of gender. Grab a str8bat and start your journey towards cricket excellence.




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